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  • Listening to: La mécanique du coeur, Dionysos
  • Reading: La guerre des accents, Orsen(n)a
  • Eating: Chocolate and oranges
  • Drinking: Water.
It makes so many times that I have not post anything here,
so many times that I do not come here.

Real life is so exciting.
I want to share some with you, Hope I would be able to post here.

But first, I have to say that I am now in Barcelona, in an internship with a such lovely person.
I want to give you her website because what she is doing is really great ! Please do not hesitated, tell us what do you think about.

We would like you helping us to make Nerea a little bit more well known because her work deserves it. That's thanks to people like you that a brand becomes acknowledged. So, would you like to join the adventure by posting an article about Nerea on your page ?

As one of our helper, we would like you to be able to buy yourself some great piece of the brand. So, we would be able to send you a catalogue with preferential prices (that's to say lower than in shop). Please, feel free to forward this article to your friend or anyone you think that deserves this gift !

We are sorry that we can not offer you some because we are a Young brand and we would like to be able to, but we are not. But be sure that we won't forget you if Nerea gets famous and can offer pieces !

Take care everyone,
I will be back,

  • Listening to: Oh.
Does someone know someone who could help me to find a room in Milano for May to July ?
  • Listening to: lily allen. pink. pani at the disco.
If someone know a proffesional fashion photographer who is taking a trainee please contact me. I really need someone or I won't be able to continue my studies. Thanks...
  • Listening to: lily allen. pink. pani at the disco.
  • Eating: Chocolate.
Go on holidays for 2 months without Internet.
Do not know if i'll come back on Deviant because, i'am realy busy during school time.

|Lo siento|.
  • Listening to: Hoist the colors (Pirates of the carabeens 3)
  • Reading: Jack l'eventreur, affaire classée.
  • Eating: Too much.
  • Drinking: Not enough.
No one, France has just comited suicide last night...
  • Reading: Nothing.
  • Watching: Indepance day.
Why god let him go ? )':
  • Listening to: Pink.
  • Reading: Psychanalise des contes de fées.
  • Listening to: The birthday Massacre.
  • Reading: My comments.
  • Watching: The Corpse Bride.
  • Playing: On msn with my Prince.
  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: Milk.
Merry christmas and Happy new year...
  • Listening to: The birthday Massacre.
  • Watching: The Corpse Bride.
  • Eating: Salad.
  • Drinking: Orange Juice.

A lot of people takes my texts on my blog
And they put it on their blog without link,
I am really angry...
.  MY birthday                                       .
  • Listening to: Emilie Simon. En cendres.
  • Reading: 107 ans. Diasteme.
I live in REIMS.
That's  120km from my house.
I can not take any photographs during the week end
[ that's to say when I go back home ]
Because I have too much work...

I hope I will post something soon, but I am not sure at all.

I am sorry.

12 July-16 July - Grandma House. No internet.

17 July-28 July - Dad's home. Internet :D

29 July-12 August - Greece with boyfriend :heart:. No internet.

12 August-28 August - Going everywhere in France [ Bretagne, South... ]

No one submitting until a long long time because
After 1rs September, Go to a new city for my studies...
I hope see you soon...
Philosophie : 14 / 20. Meilleure note de l'année !
12.36 de moyenne. 1er groupe admise. Mention Assez Bien !
I finaly have been for the art school. [ Manaa].
So Great. [ just missing the examen [ Put*in de Bac ].

Thanks Everybody for everything. :heart:.
Special Thanks To :iconmisspasta:, for faving one of my piece…,
I love her job, I m so proud of Her fav...